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After years of research our team of doctors, nutritionists, dietists and trainers developed Soltech+ Formulas. Each formula created with specific ojectives:

  • Fight osteoporosis: Osteo Soltech+ Formula
  • Combat Vitamin D deficiency: Super Vitamin D Soltech+
  • Keep a natural tan even in cold climates: Natural Tan Soltech+ Formula

The model behind our formulas

The clothes included in all of our formulas are made with a special and patented fabric. SolTech+’s UVTR™ (Ultra Violet Transmission Ray) technology provides a safe and treated protective layer that adjusts to atmospheric conditions. The UVTR™ adjusts to the sun’s specific wavelengths. It keeps you warm while allowing the natural UVA and UVB ray to pass through the optimal deflection points. An ergonomic design that allows to sunbathe comfortably in nearly freezing weather, absorb scarce sun rays while practicing exercise outdoors. Speciallu designed to be used in cold climates and in winter seasons.

Fight one of the most common diseases in cold weathers and during winter: osteoporosis.

Vitamin D Soltech Formula: Combat Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is essential for bones health and even mental health.

Natural Tan Soltech Formula: Keep that golden color even in cold climates and during winter season.

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“The first apparel line with innovative heating and breakthrough technology that helps you safely and responsibly sunbathe in nearly freezing weather or in the snow” SolTech Plus- from the Makers of TanRound