How To Get A Suntan The Healthy Way

People think it’s easy to get a tan as long as you expose yourself to the sun, but the process is actually a lot more complex than that.


Like many things, natural sun exposure has a lot of upsides and downsides. The most commonly-seen upside is what’s visible to the naked eye: glorious, beautiful, wonderfully tanned ski. The downsides, though, are varied and much worse– not a lot of people are willing to admit them.


If you’re interested in getting a tan naturally, we’ve written a short guide on how you can do it, the healthy way!

1. Make sure you apply sunscreen

Applying sunscreen may seem counterproductive when you’re trying to get a tan, but it actually makes a lot of sense. The sun contains a lot of harmful UV rays that could damage your skin and even cause skin cancer. Applying sunscreen of at least SPF30 and with broad-spectrum protection prevents those rays from seeping into your skin and wreaking havoc.

2. Don’t do it often

Although going out every now and then is good for your overall health, you do have to understand that your skin can only take a certain number of hours under the sun. Dr. Nick Lowe, one of London’s top dermatologists, says, “Everyone has their own melanin cut-off, typically two to three hours or much less if you have fair skin.” Anything more than that is just overkill – literally.

3. Stay hydrated and moisturized

The sun doesn’t just have an effect on your skin – it also has an effect on the rest of your physical body. Staying out under the heat can make you dehydrated really quickly, especially if you don’t drink enough water. Also, if you’re regularly not moisturized enough, your skin tends to grow faster and get more wrinkles earlier than it should. There’s no way you’d want that, right?


A good suntan can instantly lift your complexion and make your skin glow, but only if it’s done the healthy way. Make sure you sunbathe responsibly and follow these tips for the best natural-looking sunkissed skin!


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