How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a difficult, debilitating illness to have. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent osteoporosis significantly.

From a young age, men and women can do the following:


  • Load up on calcium
  • Absorb a lot of vitamin D
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Begin a habit of exercise, particularly strength and weight workouts
  • Avoid or minimize physically damaging vices, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and caffeine

Vitamin D and osteoporosis

Calcium has long been known to promote healthy bone growth, but did you know that vitamin D plays a significant role in keeping our bones healthy as well? It helps your body absorb calcium better, which leads to better bone growth.


For most people, vitamin D is mostly obtained from safe exposure to the sun. However, if you’re not getting enough sunlight because of a variety of reasons, you might want to think of getting your vitamin D through supplements or other food in your diet.



Lifestyle changes to protect against osteoporosis

Aside from a lack of vitamin D, there are other lifestyle choices like vices that can affect our body and increase our risk of osteoporosis as we get older.


Of course, nobody ever wants to deliver the dreadful news of “I have osteoporosis” to family and friends. So if you want to lessen your chances of getting osteoporosis, you’ll have to undergo some lifestyle changes.


General lifestyle changes include:


Stop smoking

It is unclear exactly how, but data is clear that smokers have less bone density than non-smokers. Scientists don’t know if that’s because of the smoking itself or because a smoker’s lifestyle encourages other practices that increase the risk of osteoporosis. Nevertheless, the link is clear and well-documented.


Get healthy sun exposure.

This might be hard, especially with today’s public health crisis. However, we must do our best to get adequate sun exposure — as long as we stay within the recommended levels. Too much sun exposure also significantly increases the risk of skin cancer, so beware.



Limit caffeine intake

Too much caffeine in the body can affect the body’s calcium intake capacity as well. Limit your caffeine intake to two to three cups per day of coffee, tea, or soda.



Preventing osteoporosis

One of the worst things about osteoporosis is that often, you never know you have it until it’s too late. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle and avoid this debilitating illness, it’s best to start as soon as possible and adopt a healthier lifestyle.