Osteoporosis Treatment: Osteo Soltech+ Formula for women


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Osteoporosis Treatment: Osteo Soltech+ formula for women for 2 months that treat osteoporosis and increase bone density and related illness.

Content of this formula:

  • Jacket & Pants made with our patented fabric with UVTR™ (Ultra Violet Transmission Ray) techonology that absorbs efficiently sun rays.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D supplement.
  • Alimmentary Guide.
  • 5 day outdoor exercise routine.
  • Access to Soltech’s+ Club.

100 formulas available.

“Please note that this formula was designed to be used in winter and intense cold seasons, in these climates the probability of suffering osteoporosis is much higher than in warm ones”

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You will receive your Osteoporosis Treatment: Osteo Soltech+ formula for women packed in a personalized box.
Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 4.72 inches


Osteoporosis Treatment: Osteo Soltech+ formula for women includes a set of elements, conceived in a scientific way to help in the treatment of diseases related with the osseous system (What is osteoporosis?), for that reason they must be used jointly and periodically. Consuming only the supplements without using the clothing, without exercising and without following the recommended diet will not generate the expected results.

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