Stay tanned year-round

Natural Tan Soltech+ Formula is the solution to keep yourself tanned even in winter.

There are natural ways to keep yourself tanned, without the associated risk of tanning indoors. This constant exposition to ultraviolet radiation directly in sun and tanning beds can affect your health, there are studies that show they are cancer-causing.

To protect you and your skin from those negative rays we created our Natural Tan Soltech+ Formula.   

This formula contains:

  • Jacket & Pants made with our patented fabric with UVTR™ (Ultra Violet Transmission Ray) techonology that absorbs efficiently sun rays.
  • Powdered Collagen
  • Alimmentary Guide.
  • 5 day outdoor exercise routine.
  • Access to Soltech’s+ Club.

This formula contains several elements that must be used together, please follow the instructions to obtain the expected results. We will indicate step by step, not only the way to consume the powdered collagen; but also how to use the UVTR™ garments, follow your diet, and practice exercises that are aligned with your age and physical condition.

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