Prevent Osteoporosis & bone pain. 

Osteo Soltech+ Formula is a complete and unique formula that prevents osteoporosis, alleviates bone pain and increases bone density.

Sophia uses Osteo Soltech+ Formula, watch this video and get to know her experience. 

Osteo Soltech+ Formula is a full package that includes everything your body needs to strengthen your bone health. Please note that this formula was designed to be used in winter or colder seasons, as in these climates the hardships of osteoporosis, bone pain, and calcium fixation can be more pronounced. We recommend using this product in temperatures below  80ºF/27ºC, and to receive a balanced amount of sun exposure.

What does this formula include? 

  • – Jacket & Pants made with our patented fabric with UVTR™ (Ultra Violet Transmission Ray) – technology that absorbs efficiently sun rays and helps fixate calcium in your bones. 
  • – Calcium and Vitamin D supplement.
  • – Alimmentary Guide.
  • – 5 day outdoor exercise routine.
  • – Access to Soltech’s+ Club.

These elements must be used together, please follow the instructions to obtain the expected results. We will indicate step by step, not only the way to consume the vitamin supplements; but also how to use the UVTR™ garments, follow your diet, and practice exercises that are aligned with your age and physical condition. With your purchase, you will receive access to Soltech+’s Club, where we will be able to personalize your process and do some follow-ups. Your formula is a direct pass to this club, you will receive a username and password with your order. 

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Do you need more information?

Osteo Soltech+ formulas include a set of elements, conceived in a scientific way to help in the treatment of diseases related with the osseous system, for that reason they must be used jointly and regularly for better results. Consuming only the supplements without using the UVTR garment, without exercising and without following the recommended diet will not generate the most effective results.