The Dangers Of Indoor Tanning And Why Natural Sun Exposure Is Better

The allure of sunkissed skin is not lost on many people. After all, who doesn’t want to have that gorgeous, summer glow that everyone is craving for these days?

But be careful on how you’re planning to get your tanned complexion, as some methods are dangerous and even downright deadly.

The dangers of indoor tanning

In 2015, a 22-year-old by the name of Kasey Shriver shared her horror story involving tanning beds and the quest for beauty.

Shriver, a former women’s basketball captain in her southern Iowa school, had been an avid fan of tanning when she was in her early teens. She wanted to achieve what was, in her mind, the perfect complexion. That is until she turned 17, and her whole life was quickly turned upside down by a single diagnosis: melanoma, the most serious and deadliest type of skin cancer.

Now a cancer survivor, Shriver advocates against the use of tanning beds, especially among teenagers. “We are uneducated and oblivious to the real consequences of how we treat our bodies in our youth.”

She also adds, “If it were my call, I would ban tanning beds altogether.”

According to a statistic taken from Anne Arundel Dermatology, a total of 419,254 cases of skin cancer in the United States alone are thought to have been caused, whether completely or partially, by indoor tanning.

In addition to this, an estimated 3,234 people are brought to the ER each year due to tanning-related injuries such as various degrees of burns, loss of consciousness, and eye injuries.

Why natural sun exposure is better

If you’re really serious about getting that perfectly sunkissed skin, going natural is still the best way to do it.

Natural sun exposure is always better than tanning beds or tanning sprays, for a variety of reasons. You’ll not only get that essential vitamin D that isn’t present in tanning beds, but you’ll also get to enjoy the warmth of the sun. And as long as you know how to properly tan outside, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about!

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