The Secrets Behind Vitamin D and Heart Health

There’s certain things we need to do more as we get older. Eat better, sleep more, and drink less are all common (and common sense) ways that our bodies need to adapt to combat the aging process. There’s now evidence to suggest that there’s a secret heart healthy vitamin that we’re literally bombarded by every time we walk outside: that’s right, Vitamin D.
New studies suggest that vitamin-D is a supremely powerful agent when it comes to heart health. It’s healthy properties mainly focus around the idea of loosening “arterial stiffness,” which isn’t some new metal band you haven’t heard of, but rather is a huge (and scary) early predictor of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. So how exactly does this work, and what’s the best way to get your vitamin-D? Have no fear, we here at Soltech took an internet deep dive into the world of heart health, supplements, and cutting edge science to give you the lowdown on how this important vitamin is changing the way that scientists and health professionals look at our bodies.

Decreasing Risk With Increased D

All this information centers on a study done in 2014 where researchers took a look at 70 African-American patients, all overweight and ranging in age from 13-45. They looked at how vitamin D could affect arterial stiffness (which all the patients exhibited) over the course of 16 weeks.
What they saw was that those patients taking at least 4000IU (international units, a common measurement of vitamins) of vitamin D had a decrease of 10.4 percent in four months of arterial stiffness and 2000IU of vitamin D had 2 percent decrease. Arterial stiffness is a huge indicator of overall vascular health, and thus this shows a decreased risk in the future for heart attack, stroke, or other heart disease. It’s a supremely important step in showing the link between vitamin-D and its role in our overall health.

The Best Way to Get Your Fix of the Good Stuff

Unfortunately, the participants in that study used a supplement as their preferred way to get vitamin-D, which new research shows is not the best way for our bodies to absorb it. It has to do with how we metabolize large doses of vitamin-D. While pills typically lead to a higher concentration in the blood initially, the speed with which the dose metabolizes doesn’t allow for a high absorption rate as with our main and true source for vitamin-D: the sun.

It turns out the best way to get that dose is the way we’ve always had: through being outside and enjoying life in the sunshine. Not only that, it’s never been easier to get clothes that are designed specifically with these benefits in mind. The UVTR technology behind Soltech is cutting edge, protecting you from the elements while it also allows for a healthy dose of sunlight to give you the vitamins your body (and heart) crave. It’s a healthy and natural alternative to loading yourself up with supplements and artificial light. So give it a try, your heart will thank you.